Chris Spector, Midwest Record

Media Alert: Gabriele Tranchina
“A Song Of Love’s Color”(Jazz Heads JH1176)
Street Date: April 13, 2010

Vocals, Gabriele Tranchina
Piano, Joe Vincent Tranchina
Composition & Arrangements, Santi Debriano-bass, Bobby Sanabria
Drums & percussion, Renato Thoms-percussion

CD Review: HERE

GABRIELE TRANCHINA / Song of Love’s Color:
A spiritual follow through to the sounds that flowed in the wake of Astrid Gilberto when people weren’t thinking about concepts like world/jazz and foreign language vocals and the vibes just flowed. With Bobby Sanabria at the wheel, the Latin jazz aspect is a natch, and don’t worry, he knows how to make the rest of the thing sound right as well. Bouncy, international flavored jazz/pop date that almost wants to make you put some paneling up in the rec room and drink some “Mad Men” drinks. Fun stuff.

– Chris Spector Midwest Record