Jazz Vocalist Gabriele Tranchina holds a B.A. in education from J.W. Goethe University, Frankfurt/M., Germany and runs a Music Together® center (music and movement program for infants,toddlers and pre schoolers) in Manhattan since 1997.

Among others, she has given seminars and workshops for the NYC voice association in schools/high schools working with various ages. She also trained many upcoming Music Together teachers.

Ms. Tranchina started the famous Mark Murphy workshops in Manhattan and has assimilated much of the teaching material of Mr. Murphy, as well as Ms. Sheila Jordan and Mr. Bobby McFerrin.

Ms. Tranchina works closely with Master teacher Jeannette Lovetri whose excellent voice technique has helped many vocalists to improve their singing.

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Sample list of workshops/seminars offered by Gabriele Tranchina:

Workshop: Chops/ Interpretation/ Improv/ Communication for vocal jazz students

This 3 hour workshop can accommodate a maximum of 12 students. There will be a jazz rhythm section (pianist/or guitarist, bassist and drummer) and all students will be able to work with the combo. Students will be asked to bring 3 copies of 2 different style of tunes.

1. Are you in the “mix”? Learn about Somatic Voicework™, a great technique for jazz vocalists.
2. It don‘t mean a thing, if it ain‘t got that swing. Work with rhythm.
3. Improvisation: circle songs and scat improvisation.
4. Present your song. We will discuss interpretation, phrasing, feel, chops, the right key.
5. Communication with the band: Getting what you want.

Seminar A: Getting Ready To Gig for vocal jazz students

This 90 minutes seminar can accommodate a larger number of students who are getting ready to gig. It will address the best way to succeed as a professional Jazz Singer.

1. How to choose my repertoire.
2. Getting your book together: Do you have good charts?
3. You have choices: intros and endings of a song/simple arrangements.
4. Using shades of grey instead of b+w: interpret your song.

Seminar B: Somatic Voicework™, a great technique for Jazz Vocalists

This 90 minutes seminar can accommodate a larger number of students.
The seminar can be offered in conjunction with Jeannette LoVetri, Master teacher and creator of the Somatic Voicework™. 1. How does the voice work?
2. What is breath support?
3. What are these vocal registers: mixed voice/belting voice/head voice?
4. How do you color a song?
5. How do you keep your voice in good shape

Seminar C: For adults and children with little or no previous musical training

In this 90 minutes seminar everyone will be invited to explore vocal music. Anyone can make music with their voice and have fun singing.

1. What is rhythm?
2. Learn “Circle songs” and other simple improvisations.
3. Playing with lyrics – make up a song.
4. What is Jazz?