D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine

Gabriele Tranchina – A Song of Love’s Color 4/3

O’s Notes: Gabriele is a truly a global vocalist raised in Europe and now based on the New York jazz scene. She sings with a wide array of influences in several languages and different styles. Yet Tranchina puts her own slant on things. This is the case on the Latin classic “Samba De Una Nova Só” and “Solamente Pasión” with its strong mambo beat. Gabriele swings on “Today” one of several strong tunes written by her husband and pianist Joe Vincent Tranchina. Santi Debriano (b) is also among the strong musicians on the CD adding great solos on “Inútil Paisagem” and “Asato Maa”. The album is more than a collage of different ideas; it is a balanced effort that is also well executed and enjoyable to listen to.