Dr. H.D. Vötter, Darmstädter Echo, Germany

Jazzlounge-Review1Great voice and many ideas – 11/20/06

On Friday, they (Gabriele and Joe Tranchina) were guests at the Jazz Lounge the city hall of Grosß–Umstadt. The band started the evening a little restrained, with one of pianist/composer Joe Tranchina’s original compositions. When Gabriele joined the bandstand, she continued with the old Swing classic “Blue Skies”… They were accompanied by bassist Jürgen Wuchner and “old drum master” Janusz Stefanski. Both of them were very adequate accompanists on stage.

While the band warmed up, the vocalist intoned songs of the Latin field. With her 3-octave voice she proved to be a first class singer. She more than lived up to the attributes that are associated with her “technically perfect”, “impressive” and “breath taking”. Husband Joe Vincent Tranchina shone as a sensitive accompanist and improviser with endless ideas on the piano.

– H. D. Vötter, Darmstädter Echo, 11/20/06