Greg Edwards, Gapplegate Music Blog

Things Brazilian form the core of the new album by together vocalist Gabriele Tranchina, “A Song of Love’s Color” (Jazzheads). First off drummer Bobby Sanabria (who co-produced the album) teams with percussionist Renato Thoms for some driving batucada styled work that constructs a solid foundation for true Samba bliss. Beautiful bassist Santo Debriano locks into every groove and virtually guarantees that this date will be smoldering and red hot, depending on the song. Pianist Joe Vincent Tranchina plays all the right things at the right time and combines good taste with linear thrust.

Gabriele tackles some well-known and not-so-well known songs, triumphing over all. She has good pipes and a rhythmically astute delivery that makes “Love’s Color” a wonderful exercise in sophistication and raw power. This one kicks! Beautiful!