João da Penha, Brazil

“The Old Country” is an album to the delight of audiences all over the world. It makes the arrival of a true singer. A true bossa singer and a real jazz singer. Gabriele Tranchina is this singer.

Gabriele is a swinging bossa nova vocalist. She has a special affinity for the Brazilian music. If you expect a little more than conventional remakes of Brazilian music standards, “The Old Country” is the album. With her unique sense of phrasing, Gabrielle gives us a vibrant interpretation of “Samba do aviâo”, one of Jobim’s spellbounding songs.

But, I repeat, Gabriele Tranchina is a real jazz singer too. A singer who can improvise on the melody while communicating the emotion of a lyric. Like this she sings “Just one of those things” in a perfect touching way.

Like a true singer, she interprets bossa nova and jazz standards differently and never sounds cliched. She captures the mood of any tune. In short: “The Old Country” is a gift for those fans of good music and Gabriele Tranchina is a very distinctive vocalist. One of the best voices USA has ever produced.

– João da Penha

João da Penha is a journalist, author and Brazilian music critic. He has written aricles for many Brazilian cultural publications. He is currently completing a book on the art of vocal jazz.