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Gabriele Tranchina: “A Song Of Love’s Color”
(Jazz Heads JH1176)

Gabriele Tranchina-vocals, Joe Vincent Tranchina-piano, composition, arrangements, Santi Debriano-bass, Bobby Sanabria-drums & percussion, Renato Thoms-percussion

CD Review: A Song of Love’s Color

Vocal jazz can make me cringe, and most of the time it does, but when you have a voice that shows the beautiful of not only your voice and singing, but jazz music itself, you must fall to your knees and beg. Gabriele Tranchina is a singer that will make you bow, as you’ll hear in her new album “A Song Of Love’s Color” (Jazzheads).

Let’s get this part out of the way. She is listed as being “multi-lingual”, and in this case she sings not only in English, but in Spanish, Portuguese, and (I believe) German. That isn’t exactly an easy thing to do, and sometimes singers are better off singing in their native tongue (just as Shakira). Tranchina sings like someone who is well versed in all languages, very comfortable in moving from style to style, culture to culture, almost flawlessly. This is someone whom I would not hesitate to see live. She can do pop, jazz, and can even hear a country sensibility in her voice and maybe even a bit of soul if she wanted, and I guess after years of hearing countless singers to try to do what they’re incapable of doing, it’s refreshing to hear someone who is full capable.

(A Song Of Love’s Color will be released on April 13th.)