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Hello and Welcome!

I am so utterly thrilled that you found your way to this page.  It means you have seen the promos,  visited me on FB or Instagram, and enjoyed my music.

I want to welcome you to my private music community and look forward to sharing my music,  upcoming projects, and ideas with you.

I believe, now, more than ever, music has a healing effect on our body, mind and spirit, and is currently playing an essential role in our abruptly changed lives. It gives strength and contributes to our well-being. It can help us reorganize our lives and focus on what’s essential in life.  Music helps us to express our thoughts and emotions. Whenever music touches you deeply, it can transport you into another world. Time stands still for a moment.

I became a singer because music has always had this deep effect on me. I would sincerely love to share this passion with you.

By creating this inner circle of friends, my deep intention is to create a community with you. By joining my community, you will become a part of my world. I will be sharing new projects and ideas as well as upcoming performances. I’m in terms of building merch and you will be the first to see some of those ideas and might help me make choices. I’d like to start monthly video hangouts with you, and Q & A chats with as well.

To begin this journey, I will be sharing a selection of songs with you from my CD’s “The Old Country”, “A Song of Love’s Color” and “Of Sailing Ships and the Stars in Your Eyes”.  I will share personal background information on those selections with you, to give you deeper insights. I am looking forward to hearing from you, so please click on the link and become a part of my family.

Thank you so much for supporting my music career and journey.  You are so appreciated!

Berimbau Live at Dante Park

Berimbau was recorded at Dante Park in July 2022 by my sister-in-Law Laura Vecchione. We were the opener of Jazz Sensations at Dante Park. Joe Vincent Tranchina on keyboard, Lew Scott on bass, Scott Neumann on drums, Renato Thoms on percussion and yours truly Gabriele Tranchina on voice