Your Instructor, Gabriele Tranchina

Gabriele comes with years of experience teaching vocalists of all ages and levels.
She offers individualized instruction in person and via Zoom tailored to the specific needs of each student. Exercises are based on what you need, in the moment, and over the long term, to develop your voice, your individual sound, and healthy technique for a lifetime of joyful singing!

Gabriele applies functional voice training as part of her voice lessons and uses the principles of Somatic Voicework™. She completed Somatic Voicework™ training I II and III in 2007 and 2020.

In class she recognizes posture and breathing, physical coordination and kinesthetic conditioning, aural acuity, and visual feedback.

Singing is a holistic experience

Gabriele has a background in teaching Hatha Yoga and dance. Her goal is to bring the voice, the person, the emotions, and the mind together. In class the students become more and more aware of their bodies.  By receiving objetive information about vocal production the student gets a clear understanding of their singing and their unique voice.

What We Do

When working with a student, Gabriele seeks to bring mind, body, emotions and the voice together.

Every person is completely unique. Gabriele intends to bring out this uniqueness in each student.

With a background in yoga, the physical aspect of singing will be supported with bodywork.

Blocks and tensions in the body can be released and help bring the voice to flow freely. Tensions in the voice can also be released through functional training. All students of all ages are an active part of the process of the exercises by sensitizing the body and through feedback. Functional training will show breakthroughs in a short period of time.

A system for everybody!

In class we respect the body and allow it to take time adapting to various stimuli while new responses emerge. With compassion Gabriele allows artists and students to face difficulties and overcome issues. No matter if you are young or old, famous or unknown, talented or talent-not-yet-tapped you will become best, unique singer you intend to be.