Jazz Improv & More

This 3-hour workshop covers chops, interpretation, improv, and communication for vocal jazz students.

The class is offered privately and in small groups of 12 or fewer students, live or via Zoom. We provide a jazz rhythm section including pianist/or guitarist, bassist and drummer. All students will work with the combo.

We’ll Focus on:
• Are you in the “mix”? Learn about Somatic Voicework™, a great technique for jazz vocalists.
• It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing. Work with rhythm.
• Improvisation: circle songs and scat improvisation.
• Present your song. We will discuss interpretation, phrasing, feel, chops, the right key.
• Communication with the band: Getting what you want.

Session: 3 hour session/s
Via: in person or via Zoom


Get Ready to Gig

This 90 minutes seminar can accommodate individual, small, or a large number of students via Zoom or in person. If you are getting ready to gig, this is the class for you. We’ll discuss the best ways to succeed as a professional Jazz Singer.

Topics We’ll Discuss Include:
• How to choose your repertoire.
• Getting your book together: Do you have good charts?
• Intros and endings of a song/simple arrangements.
• Using shades of grey instead of black & white to interpret your song.

Session: 90 minute session/s
Via: in person or via Zoom

Learn To Sing

You always loved singing but you didn’t know how to get started? No matter what your age, you CAN learn to sing. This 90 minutes seminar, is taught individually and small groups, live and via Zoom.  Everyone is invited to explore vocal music.

Take voice lessons with me as your personal instructor and learn how to sing popular music styles. This class is for adults, teens, and children with little or no musical training. Anyone can make music with their voice and have fun singing!

We’ll Learn:
• What is rhythm?
• Learn “circle songs” and other simple improvisations.
• Playing with lyrics – make up a song.
• What is Jazz?

Session: 90 minute session/s
Via: in person or via Zoom